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Steffko - Die Kunst #1 is an ongoing multimedia project, that started in 2010 and has been taken form through a wide range of video, performative and new media work. In November 2015 a major project cycle came to an end during the solo exhibition "The Life and Death of Steffko - Die Kunst #1" and live performance "Safe Space" at the AA Collections Vienna.

Steffko - Die Kunst #1 is a virtual performative persona. As an alienated reflection of the human psyche being exposed to the web 2.0, the main interest of Steffko - Die Kunst #1 lies in topics such as online performance, internet as a stage, virtual personality, virtual image and virtual self-representation. Moreover Steffko - Die Kunst #1 is participating in a gender discourse, trying to break, (re)define, confuse and question past and current roles, members of western society and culture have been identifying themselves with.

A small selection of digital work from this project is represented by Rina Grinn Virtual Space,

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iMprisoned Girls nah.jpg

"iSolation 2.0"

Installation - Photoprint on banner, LED-circuit board, cable tie
Picture © 2015 Anne-Sophie Wass


SDK1 - Life and Death gif series


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SDK1 - The hate

SDK1 - The hate

Snapchat 2015


SDK1 - Life and Death gif series


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Currently Steffko - Die Kunst #1 (#sdk1) is mostly active on instagram @diekunst1