"Screenshots of Despair" - Solo Exhibit Collage and Mixed Media opening May 7th 2019 in Vienna

I am very happy to announce my upcoming solo exhibition at the Jan Arnold Gallery Vienna (MQ q21 Vienna) opening on Tuesday May 7th 2019 running from May 8th till June 10th 2019.

SK_Privacy Settings_Jan Arnold.jpg

I will be showing collage and mixed media works from the last 10 years.

Please join the opening on May 7th, 7 p.m.


In „Screenshots of Despair“ the multimedia artist and musician Stefanie Koscher shows a selection of collage and mixed media works she created over the last decade in different parts of the world (NYC, Berlin, Wien, Carinthia). Inspired by photoshop-style layering, the works show analogue compositions of mindfully selected images, trying to bring some sort of utopian order into a chaotic overflow of visual stimuli, that we are exposed to even more so in our everyday virtual realm. The results of this process are often dissonant, alienated and strange and put a spotlight on the absurd. The endproducts become some sort of connective tissue to the collective unconscious and ask the spectator to decrypt context intuitively.

Can’t wait to see you there!

Stefanie Koscher